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10 May 2010

Welcome to EastHants Exposed - the website designed to expose what has been going on in EastHants politics since time immemorial. The aim of this website is to expose dishonesty and corruption within the East Hampshire district.

The content of this website follows investigations carried out since 2002 which prompted me and others to form the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party (the JAC party). This is a properly constituted political party registered with the Electoral Commission and works within the laid down standards. The main party website is at

The JAC Party has been set up to expose fraud, corruption and other criminal activities at local and national level and put in operation the actions to bring the offenders to justice. Unfortunately this means using our police force that we will show is equally negligent or selective in its behaviour.

At the national level we have seen how MPs use standards and procedures that they set up to their own advantage. None of this helps the public. Instead with New Labour we have had over 30,000 regulations and laws (yes, over 30,000!!!) in the past 13 years controlling our lives. No regulation is cancelled and none seems to apply to them :

At the local level there have been instances of people in political parties who are District, Town or City Councillors making money out of such things as planning, placing of contracts with friends, and friends being paid high fees to run inquiries to cover-up the actions of corrupt council offers and members.

And all of this is supported by the equally corrupt MPs - whichever party one looks at. All we see is local and national politicians lining their own pockets, which is covered-up by spin, lies and deceit.

The public is often told that we are all protected, as everything is checked by the Audit Commission proclaims to “Protect the Public Purse”.

It does not.

Please click here to read the report by the Governance & Compliance Organisation into the control of finance by Parish and Town Councils. Basically there is none and the public has no protection.

So the more decisions that the major political parties push down to the local level, the more they increase the opportunity for even worse fraud and corruption.

If you complain to your MP, he or she will refer you to the Local Government Ombudsman. But the Local Government Ombudsman cannot change a decision – the LGO office can only recommend minimal amounts of compensation. In practice, the LGO office hardly ever does this.

It is this fraud, corruption and misuse of public funds that has driven us to create the Justice & Anti-Corruption Party.

Click on the Exposures link to see for yourself, and remember we only deal in FACTS. The articles contain no speculation or guesswork, and we leave it to you to make your decision.

It is for these reasons that we ask that you support your local Justice & Anti-Corruption Party Candidate.

The Tory leader David Cameron says “it is time for change”

Too damn right it is!!