I am a retired solicitor, having been a senior partner of a major International Law Firm.

My personal history is very much as a Hampshire person. My grandfather was in the navy and so lived in Portsmouth for most of his life, my father being born there. I was born and brought up in Southampton and went to secondary school in Winchester. I went to Cambridge University and subsequently worked in London. I have lived in Greatham, East Hampshire, since 1988, and was a member of the Parish Council from 2003 until 2007, the last year as the Chairman of the Parish Council.

For the last few years I have provided legal consultancy services to people who do not wish to use or cannot afford a solicitor, and am assisting a number of such people, on a pro bono basis. However by chance I have spent a great deal of my time during the last eight years or so investigating, together with a number of very experienced local residents, what can only be described as a plethora of serious fraud and corruption carried out by a number of senior Members and officers of EHDC, for the benefit of those Members and their friends and family.

My objective is to expose what has been going on and to try to prevent further harm to innocent people and their environment.

In 2010, I formed the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party (JAC Party) with Les Cummings, who lives in Portsmouth, to expose injustice and corruption involving MPs and local Councils, and bring it to the attention of the media. The Party will be fielding candidates in local and parliamentary elections so the electors will have a way to express their disgust and distaste for the antics of politicians from all the main parties. As a start Les Cummings will be standing in this year’s local and parliamentary elections in Portsmouth South and I will stand in the parliamentary election in East Hampshire. Our website can be viewed at www.jacparty.org.uk.