09.05.2010 - Message from Don Jerrard

I would like to thank all those who voted for me in last Thursday’s Parliamentary Election, far more than I expected or dared to hope. I am also very grateful to the many people who surprised me by their letters, emails and telephone calls offering support. I shall attempt to reply personally to all of you, and to offer my continued support to those who explained their own concerns about some of the stranger decisions of East Hampshire District Council, particularly by the Planning Department.

Several people have expressed the hope that I will continue to campaign for social justice and against the corruption that exists locally within East Hampshire, and I can assure you I intend to do just that. I shall be publishing further exposures on a regular basis on my website www.easthantsexposed.org.uk and would be very pleased to receive news of any further concerns by email to don@easthantsexposed.org.uk or to our party’s email address, jac4truth@yahoo.co.uk.

The sad fact is that we now have a society which seems designed to help greedy and corrupt politicians and their friends to the detriment of the majority of tax-paying citizens. We also have an undemocratic and corrupt electoral system, which is now worse than in many third world countries. During the next few weeks I shall be making this a priority in letting people know what is going on.

I will also continue to explain what happens in East Hampshire and especially the actions of its political leaders. Petersfield is one of the most famous “Rotten Boroughs” of the past – now East Hampshire can quite rightly be called a “Rotten District”. However I would like to make it clear that in my experience most of the middle-ranking and junior officers who work for EHDC provide an excellent, committed and friendly service. This particularly applied to the electoral team, including the counters, who managed the whole election process and the count last Thursday. Their courtesy and unfailing ability to laugh at my quite appalling jokes cheered me up enormously, and I thank them very much.

Yours faithfully

Don Jerrard
Parliamentary Candidate for the Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

07.04.2010 - New website launched!